Luke Gaston Schmid – 2017

We are lucky to have our godson, Luke – now 9 – visiting from Switzerland for his traditional summer beach holiday.  Seen here on the Malibu Pier, with Leia – now almost 7 !


I’m his cameraman, but Luke comes up with the ideas, and how to photograph them …


We’re likely to update this classic photo again this summer.



I couldn’t get my camera in the right place and time to catch Luke surfing this year at his camp, but here’s a little clip from last summer.


One of our favorite places is Back on the Beach next to the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica.  It’s got great food, wonderful views and reviews plus a playground with swings next door.

As another extra, here’s an Easter egg which leads you to the Easter Egg Hunt we created for Luke and Leia FIVE years ago, in 2012.  See if you can find all 20 eggs!



Stay tuned for more…  (meanwhile, here’s Leia’s page)