Family Moments Room

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Meet the newest member of the family… Chewie! He may have his own room in the museum soon!


If you look carefully below, you can see the beginning of an Oma Room just around the corner

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Recent family photos



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Visiting the Big Island, Hawaii

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Christmas 2016 in Baden, Switzerland

Entering the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California for the first time

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Birthday fun with cousins Finn and Leo

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A summer piñata  (Spoiler Alert: Dad breaks it open, but the kids get the candy!)

A warm and relaxing Christmas eve day at the Rose Cafe in Venice Beach, California, 2017

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and another one at Gjusta in Venice Beach, December 2017

Atop Mulholland Drive looking out over LA LA LAND (see Hollywood sign)

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Venice Beach in December: cold water, warm sun, no wind


A perfect time to dig holes


And get some sun

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Some sights from our day in downtown LA

and more at Griffith Park

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Mom’s favorite photo

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